I'm heading to Melbourne Tomorrow for Impact Printmaking Conference. Thought I should make some stickers to put up. Shout out to ANKLES I'll rope 'em throw 'em brand 'em in Melbourne...

...hell bent for leather...


Some photos of recent drawings from my sketchbook;

playing around with text for my piece in 'They Won't Stay Dead' Exhibition.

Rawhide plans.

A poor russian pensioner at a soup kitchen from National Geographic and more rawhide plans.

A while ago i took a photo of some dirt on a wall it kind of looked like this guy.

A lady sitting on a bench in Victoria Square.

Someone else's coffee.

Teabag Portraits

These are some of the pieces I have been working on for The Two Jake's Exhibition. Which opens next Friday September 16th at Magazine Gallery. There will be twenty of these in the series for the show. Inspired by cold nights in the house drinking cups of tea with my housemates, watching Xfiles and reading National Geographic

acrylic and ink on used teabags

New Work

This is the first print in a body of work called "Best Friends". It features my friends and family with the heads of their pet. The work is a 4 layered screenprint, printed in CMYK colours to give a photographic look. This work will be exhibited soon so here's a sneak peek.

Printing the Hydro Medusa album

I recently screen printed the Hydro Medusa album cover in our kitchen. Was lots of fun i love printing on mass. looks pretty rad, the image was designed by their guitarist Ben Mclaren. and it's an awesome album.


Thought i would upload some plan drawings from my sketchbook.

Print Cult (article)

"The Thousand's" Featured an article on; "Print Cult" an up coming show i am in with other talented artists; Joshua Searson, Jayson Fox, Kerri Ann Wright and Louise Vodic. All five of us are printmakers. The show opens at Magazine Gallery at 6pm this Friday the 8th of July.

Check out the article ->here<-.
Check out the facebook event ->here<-.